sábado, 2 de enero de 2021

Javier, the climber

 The whole point of this ride is the "climb" that is about half way through the ride.

I knew that and I was prepared for that. Well, kind of. There is a long (3km?) drag before the climb and I'm never sure where the actual climb really starts.  

In any case I played it conservatively. Denis and I were taking turns as we were approaching the climb at a not very hard pace.

At some point, when I thought the climb was about to start I moved to the front and kept the pace. The road was getting steeper, I was keeping the cadence and I saw the power number to go "high".

Did something like 30 seconds at around 350w. The road got even steeper and I pushed to keep the same cadence (around 85rpm). I started to see power numbers around 400w. 

What a great Chris Froome impersonation!! Javier, the climber in action. All powerful, all confident. All this going through my mind. They say exercise efforts makes you seggregate endorphins and I was having an overdose.

All this until Ed passed us like he was riding in the park. 

Ed, the one that was riding about 30s behind us to make sure we were compliant with the lockdown rules. 

Very soon after Ed passed us it was Denis' time. Denis, the one that is always there, was, once again, there. He passed me slowly but by the time we got to the end of the climb he was a full bike ahead of me.


Javier, the climber. Starting the year with a bang. 

Take care
Javier Arias González