sábado, 16 de julio de 2011

I have a plan for the Paris Brest Paris

Yeah, I know. It is a bit of pointless to plan a route of 1,200 km. The amount of unexpected things that can happen in those 90 hours is so big that every plan you try to make is probably a waste of time.

Still I couldn't help it and ended up creating my route plan for the Paris Brest Paris.

The plan goes by:
  • I'll start pedaling on Monday 21st of August at 21:00
  • It's Monday; breakfast will be at 8:02 in Villaines la Juhel, 221 km
  • Launch in Fougéres around 12:30, 310 km
  • Arrive to Loudeac at 19:26, 449 km. Shower, diner and sleep; not sure if in that particular order
  • It's Tuesday; wake up 4:00 breakfast and start pedaling
  • Launch at Brest, 618 km around 13:22. Don't forget to turn around
  • Arrival to Loudeac, 782 km at 22:28. Shower, diner and sleep; I bet I'l be tired
  • It's Wednesday; wake up 5:00 and pretend that you want to get on the bicycle again
  • Launch in Fougéres, 921 km around 13:09
  • Arrival to Mortagne au Perche, 1090 km around 23:04. Shower, diner and sleep. I don't think I'll have problems to sleep
  • It's Thursday; wake up 5:00
  • Arrive to Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines 1230km around 13:13. Shower; as I'll probably be hungry I'll eat, as I'll probably will be sleepy I'll sleep. Chances are I won't wake up until Friday
  • I'll donate 120 pounds to cancer research UK in my Just Giving page; as per today, thanks to my friends around the world, I have rised 956 pounds.
It will be funny to see how accurate end up being this plan.

Take care
Javier Arias González

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