viernes, 16 de diciembre de 2011

A day riding your bike at the Tour of France

Dylan Casey was a professional cyclist in the US Postal cycling team and now works for Google. Back in 2008 he hosted a Google TechTalk where he talked about what a day at the Tour of France is like for a professional cyclist.

Lots of insights that I found very interesting.

At min 24:14 Dylan mentions that Spanish races start late because of "siesta" and they want it to finish about 5pm "when everybody was coming back from siesta". That is absolutely true for me. A normal Sat/Sun with a grand tour being raced would be. Go out cycling for 4 or 5 hours, launch, sit in front of the tv to see that day's stage, fall sleep in a nice repairing siesta and wake up to see the last hour of the stage. From now on I'll feel guilty for those poor cyclist forced to race with their stomach full under the sun so I can have my siesta.

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Javier Arias González

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