domingo, 13 de octubre de 2013

Cycling sometimes is too hard for me

The picture is not from today, but it could had been
Woke up at 8:00, it was raining. Still I was decided to go out.

At LW there were only 10 of us. A ride went to Windsor and another one to get a couple of hills. I decided I wanted more so I went solo for a 100k ride. Still raining.

Around 10km into the ride. a bit after Esher, I realized I was not carrying any bottle. I can't make a 100k without any fluid so I decided to go back home to get the bottles. It was still raining.

I arrived home, changed my gloves, got the bottles and decided to go hit the road again. I didn't care it was raining a lot and everyone in the house was telling me I was crazy.

Rode around 500m and realized I had a flat tire in my rear wheel. How was it raining? A lot so I decided to walk back home.

Repaired the puncture. It was still raining and everything suggested it was going to keep raining all morning so I decided I'd do a turbo session.

Got changed into dried clothes, sat on the bike and started to pedal. 15 minutes into the session my rear wheel was flat again. I, obviously, did a lousy job repairing the first puncture; but that was enough I call it a day.

Now I'm expending the afternoon sitting in the sofa.

I definitively try, but cycling sometimes requires too much determination for me.

Take care
Javier Arias González

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