sábado, 1 de febrero de 2014

My Third Race at Preston Park

One guy in a white jersey went away from the gun. That meant sit and wait for me.

He never had more than half of a lap and that meant the speed was not that high in the peloton. And that went on for about 15 minutes until Richard D did a turn in the front that woke up everybody and the guy in white was caught.

The moment he was caught the pace slowed considerably. At times so much that riders in the bunch where shouting and asking the ones in the front to push on. Something that I honestly don't understand, if you want the race to go faster just get in the front and work it hard.

In previous races they were putting a signal with 5 laps to go, not sure why they decided to make it 3 in this race. In my opinion that is a mistake. In a course that is flat, the breakaway is always in sight and there are no primes, in a windy day like today everyone tends to conserve as much as possible until the last few laps. And exactly that was what happened. We slowed down, all in a bunch and cruised until the 3 laps to go was visible. And then the race started. Three laps all out, not a single drop in the whole race but in the last lap it began to hail to give it an epic touch. Anyway, a clear sprint.

I thought I was doing great sprinting for the top 5 but I missed a full speed train on my right and ended up 11th I think.

Still very, very happy with the race. These short efforts are not my favourite part of cycling but I'm getting better at it. Today's last two minutes were better than last week's in all metrics; power, cadence and speed (I guess sprinting against the wind helps).

A bit more practising, my form that is coming back and eventually I'll get it right and, I'm sure, I'll win my race. Just not today.

The race in Strava

Take care
Javier Arias González

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