domingo, 26 de octubre de 2014

Surrey League Ottershaw Series #2

First act
I showed up with two right hand gloves (I have two pairs of the same model). I also forgot to remove my saddle bag. A Twickenham rider noticed it when we were lining up at the start and couldn't resist the temptation of making me know. Two more riders commented on my saddle bag during the ride adding to the embarrassment..

Second act
I was wondering why we were riding so slow for three entire laps. I couldn't even tell when the race really started, after the neutralized ride to the circuit. It was only when I saw the lap count twice that I realized the race was really on.

Third act
In the fourth lap I thought, if this goes like this I will do well at the end. That was just a minute before the first big push in the race. It burned my first match but I survived. A second push in the fifth lap, "only" five minutes later, and a second match is gone and with it, Javier is gone. 500w for a minute is more than enough to drop like a stone. End of the race.

Still hesitant between two consecutive weeks travelling (and next week I'm also travelling) and the idea that I feel like my body is shutting down, I wasn't there today. Not sure which one will be more convincing.

ps. Or maybe swimming lessons on Friday evenings are not a good idea after all...

Post the ride for public embarrassment (here), one hour on the trainer tonight and try the same race next week. Hopefully I won't be that lame...

Take care
Javier Arias González

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