sábado, 28 de febrero de 2015

Longcross (London Dynamo race #1)

Finished in the bunch and I was very happy with it. I even celebrated it when I crossed the line.

I know it is not that a great achievement to finish on the bunch a race but considering how tired I was from this week's training, how my mind was asking me to find an excuse to not show up when I was still in bed and how my legs felt when I was warming up I'm really happy with the result.

For me it was not only about finishing in the bunch, it was also feeling "comfortable" in the middle of the peloton, with my cornering and deciding what to do at every moment of the race.

At some point I saw Declan at the front setting the pace, I figured he was trying to bring back a break (which I didn't know there was one) so I moved to the front and started to work. When the "climbs" came everyone passed me full speed, but I recovered in the final straight and moved to the front again. I did that about three or four times and when we were crossing the line I saw there were still 9 laps to go so I relaxed a bit and hide in the middle of the peloton to recover for a few laps. With 2 laps to go I moved to the back of the peloton and focussed on staying away of any problem. For me the work was done.

It was all about getting confidence back (especially after last race's fiasco), getting the training and measuring my progress.

Today I felt comfortable, numbers are telling I'm in better form than last year at this time, I'm not competitive yet, but if everything goes well I will.

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