domingo, 26 de abril de 2015

My new plan to ride Paris Brest Paris 2015

My PBP qualifying plan from October 2014 blew in pieces with my crash from six weeks ago. I already missed the 200 and the 300.

But, six weeks after my crash, I jumped on the turbo for the first time (the session in Strava). It was only half an hour but enough to give an idea of my chances to qualify for PBP.

My first action was to write the organizer of the Severn Across 400 to communicate I won't be able to ride it. It is in two weeks time and I think trying to ride 400km with 3.500m climbing would be too much.

My second action was to put a date to my four qualifiers:

  • 10th of May I'll try to ride the Hop Garden 200
  • The weekend of 16th and 17th I have family a commitment and I won't be allowed to come near a bicycle for the whole weekend
  • 23rd of May I have two 600 I could ride,  The Brian Chapman Memorial and The Flatlands I'll have to decide where do I want to bet. I have ridden the Brian Chapman twice and it has 8.000m of climbing. I have never ridden the flatlands but its name suggest a much flatter ride, if it is not windy it should be easier. What is better hilly and known or flatter, risk of windy and unknown? Hamlet's dilemmas are nothing compare to this one.
  • 30th of May the Windsor-Chester-Windsor 600
  • 6th of June the 9 Counties 600
In simple terms. A 200k in two weeks and three consecutive weekends riding a 600k each from 23rd of May. Easy peasy.

Take care
Javier Arias González

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