jueves, 24 de septiembre de 2015

What do I carry in my saddle bag?

For many there is a debate on whether or not to carry a saddle bag. In my case though I don't have any doubt, I carry a saddle bag in my bike, I don't care if it doesn't look pro, I do care about how practical is to carry stuff that I won't need while riding.

Once I decided I was going to carry a saddle bag the next was to decide what saddle back should I use and what I'd carry within. This my current configuration.

The saddle bag is a  Topeak Strap Aero Wedge Pack Small saddle bag. This is the smallest saddle bag of this family and I find it big enough to carry all I need. I particularly like the strap it has that allows you to clip a light.

Within the saddle I carry:

  • A Bontrager Air Rush Road Mini Pump/CO2 Inflator I love this pump. It is small and light; it can pump a tyre using a CO2 canister or you can use it in the standard way. I find this very convenient. 
  • 2 CO2 canisters. They came with the pump and I use them if I get a puncture and I'm in a hurry or weather conditions are not good. 
  • 2 Continental Race 28 (700c) Supersonic Inner Tubes. This is a very light inner tube that packs in a very small pack. I put each one in an individual zip bag to protect them from the water.
  • 2 Park Tool Tyre Levers & 1 glueless Repair Kit Note the pack comes with 3 tyre levers but I only carry 2, I have found that enough to deal with any wheel I have. The glueless reapir kit is so small and light that I carry it just in case I have more than two punctures in a single ride. It doesn't happen very often but it had happened to me.
  • A Topeak Mini 18+ Multi Tool I love this multi tool. It is small and not too heavy but it has all I need if I have a simple mechanical in a ride, including a chain repair tool (that I found it works with Shimano 11 speed chains).

In the video below you can see how I pack everything. The whole lot weights 632g

Take care
Javier Arias González

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