sábado, 16 de abril de 2016

Race at Longcross, back to the crime scene

About a year later of the crash where I broke my left femur racing at Longcross I was back to the same circuit.

My expectations were certainly low. This was my first proper race after that crash and all I wanted is to prove myself I could still feel comfortable in a bunch so just have a bit of fun, a workout and finishing without a crash was all I wanted.

So all I did was to stay at the back of the bunch for one lap after the other. The pace wasn't that hard. I remember thinking to myself my sessions at the turbo are harder than this (IF=0.8 for the race).

So there I was relaxed, taking it easy, having a good time. But I did a mistake with two laps to go I was at the back of the bunch and when we were in the final straight there was a big push. Gaps were forming and by the time I tried to join the bunch it was too late. The gap was too big and they were going too fast.

So there I was dropped with two laps to go. Andy from Paceline was in the same situation so we just rode together those two laps (although I sat on his wheel most of the time) and got the business finished.

To sum up. I bit disappointed about being dropped but in all honesty that is what happens when you are at the back of the bunch with two to go. But happy with getting the "first real race after the big crash" milestone out of the was. Happy finding out I still have fun racing. Happy as well with my form at the moment, it is progressing adequately. Happy days.

The race in Strava

Take care
Javier Arias González

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