domingo, 18 de diciembre de 2016

Andrew Wilkinson's fantastic interview

This serie of videos compose a fantastic interview with Andrew (Andy) Wilkinson, a long distance cyclist that in 2011 beat the 24 hours Time Trial record setting the mark in 541miles (871 km).

In this interview Andy  humbly talks about his records (including 41 hours LEJOG on a recumbent, BBAR in 1996 establishing British national records in all distances, etc), his history as a cyclist, what motivates him, how cycling is evolving, cycling club culture, MAMILs, Shimano/Campag even why he rides a triple chainring.

He also generously covers every topic that might be interesting for anyone riding long distances. Training, materials, nutrition, hydratation, sleep depravation, caffeine, you name it.

My personal favourite, mentioned in chapter 9: "I think the potential for improvement, in the average person, in cycling in particular [...] it's absolute massive [...] that's it irrespective of your age".

The interview is split in 10 videos but I have put them all in the right order one playlist. In total it is about an hour and a half of absolute pleasure, make sure you get pop corn.

Take care
Javier Arias González

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