domingo, 10 de septiembre de 2017

Milland Hill Surrey League Road Race 3rds - Race

TY, Andrew and Rupert warned me about Milland Hill (and the drag that follows), I knew the theory. I drove down it, saw the 25% sign and felt the fear. Climbed it during the warmup and I knew I wasn't going to last the whole race. Still, despite my low expectations I managed to surprise myself with a new poorer than expected performance.

Dropped the third time we went up Milland Hill, managing to slow down poor Ed on his way up. That's how unfit for road racing I am. As little as three one minute efforts at 400W is enough to empty my legs and drop me like an stone.

Once dropped didn't see any one. No one passed me, I didn't pass anyone.

The typical mental games started.

First it is the hypochondriac. "There should be something wrong with me".

Well, maybe, ride another lap and you'll take a good rest (next two weeks i'm travelling).

But the marshal at the top of Milland Hill said "well done" and I didn't stop, I kept riding.

Then was the "What am I doing here, I shouldn't be racing". Well, I told myself, finish the lap and retire from racing.

But when I got to the top of Milland Hill the marshal shouted "carry on, carry on" and I carried on.

Finally was the "You are embarrassing Kingston Wheeler colours" and when I was ready to stop at the top of Milland Hill someone next to the marshal shouted something I didn't get.

Somehow I managed to shout back "What?" and I understood "Maryka (!!??) would be proud of you!" (he might well have said something totally different but it doesn't matter, that's what I understood).

Well, I definitively didn't want to disappoint him (or Maryka) so I kept riding.

I knew it was going to be my last lap (if your are dropped you are pulled out in the last lap) and I was feeling better so I tried my best. Managed to finish just seconds ahead of the race.

I, obviously, once again, was last in the race, but as soon as I finished I thought "That was great fun, I like racing".

How can I be so silly!

The ride in Strava

1st full lap - 18:09 - 247w (normallized)
2nd lap - 18:36 - 246w
3rd lap - 21:26 - 226w
4th lap - 21:44 - 226w
5th lap - 21:19 - 230w
6th lap - 20:55 - 242w

Take care
Javier Arias González

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