lunes, 3 de mayo de 2021

Endurance rides

 I’m not really sure why I enjoy these steady, endurance rides. Even if I was riding on tired legs. In fact, I think I enjoyed it even more because I was riding on tired legs. 

The ride was announced in the Kingston Wheelers’ forum as “steady K2”. Denis, Ed and myself, no one else wanted to join, not sure why. 

We agreed a truce and we rode steadily into the head wind all the way to Brighton. Endurance pace all the way.

For sure part of it is riding with Denis and Ed. We know each other so well that we ride like a perfect engine. As you probably know by now Ed takes all the climbs, Denis is the most generous with his efforts in the front and I …, well, I’m just happy hanging there. Being part of the group, believing I am getting fitter, enjoying the pace, the scenery, the tail wind on the way back. 

This ride marks the end of another four weeks “training block” (let's pretend for a second I know what I’m talking about). Three consecutive weeks of 2 KW’s two hills sessions during the week and long rides during the weekend had taken my CTL to levels I haven’t seen since August 2019, when I was riding the PBP, and my TSB well into the negative values. Time for me to take it easy. This week I’ll “only” ride a two hill ride on Thursday and a steady 200k on Sunday.

I’ll keep the same pattern for three more 4 week blocks, all the way to the end of July. That will include a 300k in May, a 400k in June and the Maratona and a 600k in July. If everything goes to plan I should be in a decent form for 1001 Miglia in mid August.

That’s another reason why I enjoy these endurance rides. They allow me to dream. Having dreams is part of being happy. I’m happy (although I still don’t enjoy being dropped in the climbs).

The ride in Strava:

Take care

Javier Arias González

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