domingo, 4 de julio de 2021

Two sicentific facts and a recommendation

First scientific fact of the day. Asturian cider doesn’t have any performance enhancement effect when administered in acute dose the day before a training ride (n=1, but fairly confident this can be generalised to the whole population. If anyone were an exception to this rule that would be a lucky person)

In fact, the subject has reported a RPE higher than expected when considered CTL/ATL/TSB and lower power numbers were recorded.

As a consequence, the subject, me, had to reduce the distance and climbing he was planning to ride. Well, as a consequence of those low numbers and the fear of being late to grandma’s family lunch.

That fear was so severe the subject, still me, overcame his RPE and despite the power numbers still being low managed to ride the last 45 kms at speed. 

The subject managed to get home, get a shower and sit at the table with two minutes to spare.

Second scientific fact is that the positive performance effect from the fear of being late to grandma’s lunch is bigger than the negative effect of acute Asturian cider consumption.

Considering the inevitable nature of acute Asturian cider consumption when a subject has friends in Asturias, this panel of experts recommend to scare the subject with the thought of being late for lunch as a way of compensating for the negative effect of Asturian cider consumption.

As the consequences of being late for lunch are so severe, more research is needed to find other ways to compensate for the negative effect performance from the inevitable acute Asturian cider consumption. 

This subject has instructed his friends to get ready to run a new experiment next week. 

Whatever is needed in the name of science.

The route in Strava: 

Take care

Javier Arias González

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