domingo, 28 de noviembre de 2021

Is going up and down stairs good training for cycling?


Asking for a friend.

I moved to Asturias for 6 weeks. I wanted to make sure this year I am with my parents for Christmas.

I’m not afraid of riding out when the weather is not ideal but today it was just too bad. Had to bail from my own ride.

By mid morning I was so desperate for getting some training that decided to go up and down the stairs. Somehow I figured that was good training for this climber wannabe. 

Not that I had any idea if that makes any sense but just the illusion it could help was enough to motivate me.

The flat we are renting is on the highest floor of the building. Fifth floor. 16 stairs for each floor. 80 stairs each way.

There I went going up and down. First one step at a time. That felt too easy so very quickly I moved to taking two steps at a time. 

Somehow I decided I could go three steps at a time. That’s when I started to sweat profusely. 

I ended up with a five floor sprint jumping three steps at a time. By the time I finished I was exhausted. My legs were shaking and I was at the edge of a heart attack.

In total I went up and down 15 times. 1200 steps each way in half an hour. 

In that half an hour I saw a few neighbours. I felt they looked at me like they were thinking: “” 

I don’t blame them. Picture this: I don’t have any sports kit here apart from my cycling gear so I was going up and down on my jeans and a t-shirt. I was trying to smile at them and my mouth was producing sounds intending to be a “good morning” with limited success.

At least they didn’t call the police.

Let’s see how they react when I receive the turbo I just bought. It was the cheapest I could find so I’m guessing it won’t be the quietest.

I’ll change my habit of shouting swear words in Spanish when I’m giving it all on the turbo. Seven years in the Spanish air force have given me quite a repertoire. Probably a bit too explicit.

I’ll start shouting in English instead. Hoping they won’t understand what I’m saying. Don’t want them to believe I’m not thinking of their comfort and wellbeing.

I have been in this flat for only two days. I still haven’t told any of the neighbours I am going to be here for 6 weeks. I think it is better to give them news one at a time.

I still hope the weather improves soon. I think it’ll be better for my training and I suspect it will help in my relationship with my neighbours.

Take care

Javier Arias González

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