domingo, 16 de enero de 2022


So good to be back in the UK and riding with the Kingston Wheelers.

Even if was up for a painful reminder of what that means.

After a couple of months riding mostly solo, slow and steady I found myself in a group of nine strong riders riding at a pace that felt brisk and spiky.

Part of it my own fault. 

Despite of me trying to follow a carefully designed plan that included me not showing up at the front of the group for the whole ride and then taking the final sprint at Hampton, somehow, I found myself at the front and pushing the pace. 

Clearly not that great at following plans. Even if I consider myself a great planner and disciplined executor.

I almost took the whole group down when I thought we were going left at a roundabout and we were going straight. 

Clearly not the best at navigating routes. Even if I believe I have a great sense of direction.
I failed to take a clear win at Drift road. And that was contesting the sprint against two riders that didn't know we were sprinting.

Clearly not that great at taking sprints. Even if I think of my self an opportunist that took lessons from the great Will Rostron.

I also managed to take the wrong exit at a roundabout just when I was trying to catch up with the group after a pee stop. I even managed to take two riders with me. 

Clearly not the best way of rewarding them for being so nice that they had stopped to wait for me while I was attending the call from the nature.

Although I have to say I'm glad they were there with me. Otherwise I would still be out there, probably wondering what I was doing riding across Brighton and how far Windsor would be.

Did I mention I was planning to take the sprint at Hampton? 

Well, I didn't take it.

The sprint was called out due to the amount of traffic.

Judges gave it to Denis who, as always, was leading the pack at that point. Even if I was fast to shout out the sprint should be awarded to me. 

I was sixth wheel and I had "I'm saving my legs for zwifting" Rupert on my wheel. As far as I can tell me taking the sprint was the most likely outcome.

Maybe not the most realistic thinker out there but I like to think of myself as an optimistic person.

So optimistic that I'm already designing the plan I'll definitively follow next Saturday's ride. ​

The ride in Strava:

Take care
Javier Arias González

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