domingo, 27 de marzo de 2022

Tired but survived

 When the alarm clock went off this morning, after yesterday's hard ride and a one hour shorter night I was tempted to bail from the ride. I still don’t know how I managed to don’t do it but I’m glad I didn’t. The ride was not easy, there is no easy ride to Sumners Ponds, but I had enough to play a semi decent role of filler in a group of nine riders and not being dropped. The secret to happiness is to have low expectations. 

Today was also the day we saw JFW returning to cycling. And what a return it was. As always he took all the early town sign sprints, those he only knows where they are. That was expected. But I was also expecting to last about 30km and the surprise came when he beated GC Denis (and me, of course) up Hound House. That was not expected. After Hound House I thought he would turn left and head home. But no. He did the whole ride!!!! That was even less expected. Sprint power, climbing legs and endurance. I am now pretty sure he has been riding without telling us. 

Finally, also today, I was discussing with Dai alternative sports to cycling. His main point is cycling is a sport that requires you to travel with a big case. I suggested chess. It looked to me like I'd do better than in cycling, even if I barely know how to move the pieces. But now, a few hours later, I found out my real call. You know, there is short siesta, which is less than 15 minutes, siesta and siesta marathon, at least two hours. Being a long distance rider I thought I’d try my hand at siesta marathon today and I think I already managed to qualify for the next olympics. And now I’m not even tired. I’m a natural.

The ride in Strava:

Take care

Javier Arias González

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