lunes, 22 de agosto de 2022

Taxa with the Psychopath Anonymous

Not flat endurance ride (

Riding all day at what I'd describe as a slow cooking pace. 

That pace is not slow but it is not super fast either. A pace that feels sustainable for ages, still a strong pace. 

A pace that kept the three of us together in the climb to Taxa but left me with a feeling of I have spent a bit too much.

A pace at which aero counts. And that means that I wasn't the cleveres of the group putting on my rain jacket for the descent. I felt like riding with an open parachute all the way to the coffee stop.

A coffee stop that got me having a coffee because I knew the slow cooking pace was getting me. 

A coffee that gave me enough energy to attack the Escamplero full of energy. I went for a PB. 

Only to blow in pieces less than 1km from the top. Slow cooking pace took a bit less than 130km to have me done. 

And the two psychopaths I was riding with kept the pace all the way to the top. 45 seconds faster than me in less than a kilometer. 

With my pride wounded I attacked every single ramp from there. 

Just fireworks though. The psychopaths kept the pace and by the time we finished I was completely cooked. 

Mr. "Endurance is my game", less than a month of declaring himself in the form of his life (, ten days after finishing LEL ( slow cooked by a couple of Asturian psychopaths.

I think I'm going to declare myself a sprinter when I'm in Asturias.

Those Asturians are up for a rude awakening :-)

The ride in Strava:

Take care

Javier Arias González

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