domingo, 30 de octubre de 2022

Drift Rd. then Windsor

 Felt tired to start with but, since it was a ride I proposed, I felt compelled to sit in the front from the beginning. 

Riding in parallel with Rupert, chatting while pretending you are taking it easy only lasted until we hit the first ramp where I was duly dropped. The same happened in every single ramp we managed to find in this pan flat route.

At some point, fairly early into the ride to be honest, I fell back and sat on Calum’s wheel. 

That was super helpful in Drift Road. To the point that I got to the conclusion that aerodynamics, when plays in your favor, is a marvelous thing.  

Aerodynamics helped me all the way to Windsor where I went for the traditional (for me) latte and half cinnamon bum (notice the half bit, I’m such a pro wanna be). 

The caffeine did its magic and on the way home I rode a bit over excited. Riding over excited means I was second to Rupert at the sprint and only because Calum had no clue where the line was (a trick that always works). 

It also means that as we were approaching the end I started to dream about the big siesta I was going to have this afternoon. 

Siesta that starts on 3, 2, 1…

The ride in Strava: 

Take care

Javier Arias González

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