domingo, 21 de enero de 2024

Javier the arrogant

Is arrogance a sin? 

Asking for a friend?

If it is, I'm going straight to hell.

Trying to keep up in the climbs with The Pope and Lucas? That’s me reaching new levels of arrogance.

I have lots of excuses though. I always have lots of excuses.

I had coffee this morning. That always gives me unjustified optimism.

Beating JFW up Green Dene (just about). Was another unjustified morale boost. 

I lost Hound Hose to Lucas, but not by much. Even if I sat on his wheel the whole climb, even if I was just happy to be there, it felt good.

Riding easy in the flat section made me believe I wasn’t tired. 

To make things worse I had a second coffee at Sumners Ponds.

As soon as we were back on the bikes I felt strong. Very strong. Van Aert type of strong. And that is where my arrogance showed up.

I was invincible.

Not for long though. Reality was fast trying to destroy my arrogance.

What else would you call blowing up half way up Broomhall? Arrogance destruction attempt.

I persisted though. Arrogance doesn’t go away easily.

I started to plan how to beat them up Juniper? 

If you know them, and you know me, you know how arrogant, if not funny, that is.

Completely blind to reality I sat on The Pope and Lucas’ wheel all Juniper.

In the final ramp, at the moment I had planned to attack, The Pope attacked. 

That was it. I wasn’t close is the most optimistic way of putting it. Reality kept sending me signals.

I wasn’t receiving them. 

Horton’s sprint was neutralized as the road was a bit too wet and potentially slippery. I declared myself (without saying it outloud) the winner of the final sprint anyway.

Arrogance doesn’t go away just because reality tells otherwise.

Like that, here I am, after my well deserved siesta, thinking I’m a strong cyclist, probably only second to Big Mig. 

Take that reality.

The ride in Strava:

Take care

Javier Arias González

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