domingo, 4 de febrero de 2024



I felt better today than yesterday.

Weird, but true.

I felt even better when I managed to keep The Pope’s wheel up Hazelwood Lane. 

Even weirder, but also true.

To celebrate I went for a double cake at the coffee stop. Gluttony is one of my sins, probably not the worst though. 

There is no way I’ll skip a Pasteis de Nata if I’m at a Portuguese cafe.

That cost me my chance at getting Juniper’s KOM.

That, and that The Pope took off his arm warmers before the climb (he showed up without gloves). I took my gloves off to compensate. Looking for a fist fight ended up with me swearing (in Spanish) when I saw him (one more week) disappearing off the front in the final ramp.

I blame that defeat on the two aforementioned cakes. Also, on the di2 system that unilaterally decided to switch chainring at the most inappropriate moment. I’d also throw into the mix that I was riding with a rear wheel low in pressure, the sealant was not fast enough fixing a puncture. That’s probably 100w there and then. I wouldn’t have taken the KOM anyway but I would have been closer.

From there it was game over for me. The pressure in my rear wheel was too low to have any say at the Horton sprint. 

The Pope took it after an early attack by GC Denis (definitely not a sprinter).

Gluttony is also one of The Pope’s sins. Definitively not his worst one. One of the weirdest sentences I have written, but also true.

The ride in Strava:

Take care

Javier Arias González

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