domingo, 24 de marzo de 2024

Bidders and Noel, the loving cycling parents

The best way of riding into a strong head wind is to be lucky and have Bidders and Noel with fresh legs joining your ride. 

They'll go and sit on the front the whole way. Keeping the pace steady. Chatting away.

Behind them you just hang there. Thinking it is all fine until a tiny bump on the road appears. That's when the gap opens.

You feel orphaned for a few seconds. You know you won't be able to close that gap. The wind is too strong. Like a baby seeing his parents moving away you are about to start crying to call their attention. Please don’t go. Please don’t leave me here. 

Like loving parents they'll ease the pace before you start crying. Seeing the gap closing down will make you feel loved and cared for. 

Bidders and Noel will do that for more than four hours and you’ll learn that in cycling, like in live, it is important to have loving parents.

The ride in Strava: 

Take care of yourself

Javier Arias González

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