sábado, 18 de enero de 2014

My first race in Preston Park

Very, very disappointed with today's performance. I had a plan agreed with TY; we were going together 30 mins. into the race. We executed perfectly and jumped together, but I blew out after the first 30 seconds of effort. I blew out so spectacularly that the peloton caught me, dropped me and, with 5 to go, lapped me.

As said, very disappointed; specially considering how well I felt last Sunday and that on Tuesday I rode the second lap to the mini winter loop taking turns with Sam who ended up wining today's race (very well done, Sam).

I think this is it for me on racing for now. Spending the morning I have in the weekend reserved to cycling in just a 45 minutes race is not efficient from the training or the time management point of view, specially if I don't ride Thursdays and Fridays to be fresh on Saturdays. I think it is time to start focussing on preparing the Quebrantahuesos 2014. I enjoy racing so I'll be back on September and, of course, I'll be in better form.

I'll give it a second thought tomorrow when the disappointment is gone, just in case this is me falling back to the training that suits me better out of a bad day, but this is how I feel right now.

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Javier Arias González

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