domingo, 20 de diciembre de 2015

My cycling goals for 2016

Main objective
Finishing the Quebrantahuesos in less than 6h 30m (my best time is 6:44:56). Stretch goal would be finishing in less than 6:18:29, Ed's 2013 time and, to my knowledge, the fastest time by a Kingston Wheeler. This goal is part of the bigger goal of beating Miguel Indurain's time (6:07:05) by 2019. I might even shave my legs for this.

Second objective
Enjoying the 1001 Miglia, 1,600km with 16,000m of climbing in less than 135 hours in the middle of the Italian summer. Sto già praticando il mio italiano.

Third objective
Get back to racing. I want to take part and be competitive in my first stage race. I was suggested the L'etape de la Defonce is a great event so I'll give it a go. I also want to race the autumn and ideally get to cat 2. In any case as far as I don't break any bone I'll be happy just racing.

Fourth objective
Riding a super randonneur series, that is a 200k (20th of March event TBD), a 300k (16th of April TBD), a 400k (30th April, Severn Across) and a 600k (14th May, Bryan Chapman Memorial). Hair in legs and face and sandals recommended to be completely successful.

Fifth objective
Give time trialling a go. I'll start with a club 10 and will see from there. I would like to have a time objective but honestly I have no idea what time target would make sense for me on a road bike. Happy to take suggestions.

Now, agreeing with Joe Friel I think that having goals for 2016 is great but goals without a plan are just dreams so I drafted a plan explaining how I'll try to achieve these goals. If you are interested you can find it here.

ps. everything going well I should finish 2016 in E90 (see here if you don't know what I'm talking about).

Take care
Javier Arias González

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