sábado, 12 de septiembre de 2020

We live in extraordinary times

 We live in extraordinary times (here you have a proof of my lack of originality).

I started the ride taking my fair share of turns in the front!!! Granted it was only during the first 50k. After being dropped like a stone in the first two "climbs" I was put in my place in the group. Consistenly at the back, holding there for my dear live.

Ed, the climber, Richard L, the steady man. and Denis, the GC man, sprinting for all the town signs!!! My reputation as a sprinter is now hopelessly damaged. Couldn't even use my default excuse that I didn't know where the sprints where. I actually knew where some of them where, didn't even try to sprint once.

The ride was announced as a ride to Lasham Gliding Club and we didn't even consider stopping there. Apparently it is open to members only these days.

I had a coffee at the stop. First time I had a coffee in six months!!! Caffeine certainly has a positive effect. From km 50 to km 100 I was yo-yoing at the back of the group. Feeling the emptiness in my legs. After the coffee I felt kind of ok staying in the group. From km 50 to km 100 each time I say 300w in my Garmin I panicked. After the coffee I was seeing 300w and thinking "yeah, this is fine"... for three or four seconds. Caffeine doesn't do miracles, it doesn't solve the empty legs problem.

Richard L. did a T-Y and took a shortcut!!! When you live long enough you see these things. We decided to give him a points penalty and that costed him any chance of taking today's green jersey that went to.... wait for it... Ed!!!! Ruben Blades said "La vida te da sorpresas, soorpresas te da la vida ¡Hay Dios!" (Life gives you surprises, suuuuurprises life gives you. Oh God) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hcoNykaI3k)

I took a couple of turns (literally, it was just two turns) in our approach to Hampton Court!!! I know if you weren't there to see it you are going to have a hard time believing this. But it is true. I barely recognise myself.

 Well, you don't celebrate your 52 birthday everyday. It is great that when you do extraordinary things happen.

btw. Got home and saw the the packages with the presents. I inmediately could tell none of them was a bike. I don't think I can consider that extraordinary :-D

The ride in Strava https://www.strava.com/activities/4048857914

Take care

Javier Arias González

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